Bridge and Road Testing

Bridge and Road Testing

Product Description

Bridge and road testing

Contents of bridge testing

Structural concrete: Strength, concrete carbonation depth, reinforcement layout and covering layer of bar, apparent and internal defects, reinforcement corrosion(potential method for the corrosion of reinforcement bar or polarization current, chloride ion content, electrical resistivity of concrete)
Bridge structure and elements: Stress (strain), deformation, displacement, vibration parameters(acceleration, speed, amplitude, frequency), capacity evaluation, dynamic-static load tests, construction monitoring

Contents of road testing

Rebound deflection
Compaction degree
Plainness degree
Antiskid factor
Texture depth
Permeability coefficient


Shanghai yangpu bridge
Zhangjiagang yigan bridge
Wuhu yangtze river bridge
Lishui tiansheng landscaping bridge
Chuhe river railway bridge
Suzhou xishan wood bridge

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